About me

Hello, I am kiki. I am not really sure what to say, but I am mostly interested in doing pictures in SL, continually learning my way around and refining the process.

My inspiration comes mostly  from music. I can easily grow obsessed with a single tune, and eventually I'll try to relate with a song by doing a picture based on what I feel while listening to it.

Usually I look for a realistic approach.  If not black and white in my pictures, being an 80's fan, I will yearn for color....lots of color. Vivid, acidic, pastel....as long as I find an interesting contrast I will lose myself in the search for the right composition to capture.

Photography in SL can be extremely different than RL, but I find it worthwhile to strive to make the veil separating them a tiny bit thinner with each picture.

I love fashion in general especially when I can use props to convey abstract feelings, using geometric figures, light and lines.

I am photographer for Ferosh, a beautiful Second Life Fashion magazine and I couldn't be happier to be part of their team.

If you enjoy my work and you'd like your items to be present in my pictures contact me using either of the contacts listed below:

Email: kikiergenthal@gmail.com
Flickr: .kiki
Second Life inworld name: kiki.ergenthal


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